EKOK has created a platform in conjunction with the EKOK Song and music video to help raise the profile of East Kilbride, boosting the businesses of the town and all the clubs by being together on this website and the EKOK social media pages. They will connect as many sports and teams within the town with business and encourage the citizens to support their local economy. Everyone involved with the EKOK project are volunteers, which means all money donated, along with all money raised from the sale of the DVD and from iTunes downloads goes to the registered charity East Kilbride Community Trust.

Together we can make a change

There is a video made alongside the actual music video (EK OK - THE MAKING OF THE MUSIC VIDEO) which captures at more length the laughs and out takes and the opinions of participants as to how they feel about East Kilbride and the charity the money will go to. This will be added on as a bonus at the end of the music video.

Steve Mackay video links & Bio


Steve Mackay is our Director, Producer, Cameraman and Editor and has kindly negotiated the hire of equipment, which has helped keep the actual making of the video costs to a minimum, enabling every penny raised to be donated to the East Kilbride Community Trust. All money raised from the sale of DVD and on iTunes downloads goes directly to East Kilbride Community Trust.


Click on the images below to see some of Steve's film work.

Steve has also taken all of the photos that appear on this site, which are all under the copyright of EK OK by way of Gingerfaith Productions. To contact Steve email stevemac71@outlook.com or visit his website www.smacktelevision.wixsite.com/creative