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Would you like to be involved in a unique project that could connect you to your customers and raise your company profile whilst donating to a local charity? Our song and video will be used to raise the profile of our great town and this website will continue with the positive vibe by providing a platform for positivity with daily news from our clubs, schools and the general public; an online hub that will connect your business to the the East Kilbride community.



Cick on the DONATE button and it will take you to the 'Just Giving' page for the chosen charity of the month. Click on the EKOK2020 section and follow the instructions.


Once you have made your donation EKOK will receive word from the charity and we will be in touch to get your logo and web link (or phone number/address if you don't have a website) and we will get your advert up and running on our DONORS page. We will also issue you with our EK OK link box and our web details so that you can add us to your website. That link is just another way to let your customers know that you are invested in their community and everyone is encouraged to look locally for any of their service needs.


Larger donation amounts are accepted too so should you want to donate £500 EKOK will add your details to 10 boxes, they can be together or spaced throughout the site a maximum of 10 boxes together. If your company donates £1000 they could have 10 together and the rest spread throughout the site. There is no limit to the amount of donation you can make.


If your company is having an event that you would like the community to know about, for a small donation, we will give a few lines on the news page with a link to your site. Likewise if you are looking for employees we will let the community know and add your link.


If your business wins a large contract securing jobs or are able to bring more than 10 jobs in one recruitment we will give you a 'big up' for free on the news page letting the community know you are investing in East Kilbride.


EKOK also has a Facebook page so if it is your means of communicating with your customer base we will add the Facebook link to the box instead of website details and we will let our online social media sites know that you have joined the EKOK community.


Your company will also receive a certificate from the chosen charity of the month for you to display in your premises and for tax purposes. We encourage all business donors to add 'proud supporters of (chosen charity) and EKOK' to their Letterheads.


EKOK encourages all business no matter how small and we welcome all business from one man band handy person to dog walkers to multi national. You name it we need you to be on board. Great things happen when people are united for the common good - one voice EKOK, together is always stronger. There are hundreds of clubs that could benefit from support from local companies and this site joins everyone together. You could benefit from helping on any level; help a young sports person reach their potential, show that you could launch the career of the next big star or just help someone find their skill and purpose by giving a job opportunity.


This project is manned solely by volunteers, who want to give to their community, maybe even pass their knowledge on to the next generation and vice versa, get experience, gain confidence and a host of other skills that could help them into employment. Your involvement, not just your donation, helps.

Contact our team at EKOK2020@gmail

or call

07920 100 640

if you require any further information